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What is "Freedom" for you?


"Freedom" is like an unplanned journey bumming around the world, throwing off the limitation of you work, or it may be a life without any constratints.


Whatsoever it be, we want you to feel "Your Own Freedom" while you are here.


There once was a man named "Thoreau", who isolated himself from civil society and made a living in the Walden Woods.


Here we have created "the White Walden Woods",where "Thoreau" used to live. It's like the place where open and comfortable space in the clean atmosphere,  or the moon glancing stilly on the pond in the darkness.


Enjoy the experience of a relaxing time in this our special place.

One Cup is enough!/OUR COFFEE & ROASTING

Our wish is you think that "One cup of our coffee is enough!"


Achieving it, we roast a carefully selected the single-origin coffee


without impairing its characteristics in the vintage Purobatto which was made in 1960s, making our coffee the only one.


Once you have our special coffee, it makes you feel the comfort as if you were in the forest.

Every day is a New day!/OUR CHAI & TEA & SWEETS

Finding you in very excited, such as expriencing the new thing, or coming accross something very exhilarated.


That is what we are aiming for !


Serving our handmade Chai one at a time, using plenty of great spices that we founded on our journey.


Reminding a refreshing breeze, once you drink our tea blending with fresh mints, various kinds of dried fruits, and our original syrup,

Always with you./OUR WEB SHOP SITE
Have a nice day!/A LITTLE RESCU


It is our ideal to realize the coexistence
with all nature living.


Wishing a great day today for all.


We support the protection of the wildlife as
well as the preservation of the natural environment
on the earth.


Nice to meet you!/OUR MESSAGE



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